Students’ Comments

Hi everyone! My name is Sanaz. My first IELTS (general) test was on September 2018 with the score of 6.5. On April 2019 I decided to change my plan, so I needed to participate in an academic test. In 2 months, with professional and valuable pieces of advice of Ms.Eshraghi,I could achieve my desirable result which was both in academic and general field. I retook the exams on July and August 2019 with the band score of 7 in academic and 7.5 in general test. She helped me to overcome my stress and guide me how to make the best of my time and knowledge. I have no doubt that I will never forget the sessions we had with loads of fun and energy. [my test report]

Hello everyone, I’m Sina, I started to study for IELTS (General) in May 2019 and I took my exam in July. At first, I recognized I couldn’t get the mark I needed by my own and I needed someone to guide me and support me through this short journey, so I decided to take a couple of classes with Ms. Eshraghi which I think was the main reason for me to get 7.5 on my first try. Ms. Eshraghi’s classes were compact, efficient and fun. Thanks to Ms. Esharghi during this period, I could improve my speaking and writing skills significantly. [my test report]

Hi, my name is Amirhamed. I would like to thank Ms.Eshraghi very much for her exceptional work.I relied heavily on her class as well as some textbooks and IELTS sample tests. A big thank you, I finally got over 7.5 with L8, R8.5, S7, and W6.5. Surely, I couldn’t make it without her and her lessons.I admire her service to others. I see her as a really kind person who loves to help people develop their skills. [my test report]

The IELTS course I had with Ms.Eshraghi greatly helped me to get my band score and I thank her very much. Having her constantly assess my essays and inform me of what examiners look for made outstanding contribution to a band score of 7 in my writing. Her supports in other skills also aid me in overcoming my weaknesses and eventually get my desired band score. [my test report]

Hi, my name in Nazanin. My IELTS class with Ms. Eshraghi was my first and only IELTS course experience and I’m happy to have it as my best experience of language learning. What I am mostly happy about is that it just took me 2 months to achieve my desired band score. Every single session was dynamic and fruitful and there was a rewarding interaction between us which made the course incredibly interesting. She made great contribution to my writing and speaking skills that were my greatest concerns. Finally, her never-ending supports had a significant role in my confidence and I’m thankful for all her efforts. [my test report]

This is my personal experience regarding my class with Ms.Eshraghi which was unique. Before this course, I had passed a lot of courses and classes but unfortunately, I didn’t get the desirable outcome and I think I just wasted my time and money in previous classes. I believe Ms.Eshraghi thinks about her students’ progress whole heartedly and with all being. She doesn’t ignore any points in training and teaches her students beyond the business matters. I wish I had become familiar with her sooner. In my opinion, a good teacher, regardless of knowing the great technical teaching points, should be a good coach in order to give energy to the students as she really is .I think she is both a good teacher and a good coach. [my test report]

Hi everyone. My name is Solmaz, I had my first IELTS test in January 2019 in which my band score was 6.5, so I decided to retake the test in February 2020 and I could finally achieve the band score of 7 thanks to Ms. Eshraghi’s helps and advice on specially writing and speaking . She helped to manage my time and increased my awareness on what is really needed in IELTS test. [my test report]